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Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce or e-business, covers all forms of online commerce. Most people think directly of an online store or webshop for consumers, but the term is also used for, for example, financial transactions between banks. With this last sense of electronic commerce, the term goes back to the 70s.

E-commerce between companies

E-commerce for individuals is well known, but the B2B commerce variant is somewhat less integrated. However, most companies already conduct electronic commerce with their customers unconsciously. Through online ordering systems and payments, including electronic data interchange " EDI, Electronic Data Interchange ", orders and payments between companies already handled electronically performed. Also, many companies have an electronic catalog for their commercial customers. If customers can order something immediately through this catalog, it's basically an online commercial store. Just as there are online stores for consumers, there are alsoonline outlets linked to the ERP. In this way, order picking and inventory management can also be adapted to electronic commerce.

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