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Billing is sent more and more electronically, but it's not enough to call it an electronic invoice. A PDF version of an invoice is an electronic document, but it's not automatically processed immediately. In an electronic invoice this automatic invoice happens. The accounting software of the company that sends it creates a structured digital file that allows the accounting system of the receiving company to process it electronically.

Universal language for accounting software

To understand each other, the accounting systems of the company that sends the electronic invoice and the one that receives it must speak the same "language". Often, there are different codes within a digital invoice. For the accounting program, these codes are understandable " words " and " phrases. " There are several languages ​​in which electronic invoices can be prepared, but one of the most used is the Universal Business Language " UBL ". The UBL accounting is a language that emerged from the EDIFACT standard for EDI " Electronic Data Interchange, EDI ".

The electronic invoice and the electronic business

The electronic invoice is within the automation of business processes. Currently, accounting programs generally depend on an ERP system. This integration ensures that billing is immediately linked to other business processes. In this way, for example, a merchant's ERP system can send an invoice immediately based on an incoming customer order.

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