Effective Supervision


The role of the supervisor has changed in recent times, previously the role of the supervisor was based on obtaining results through personnel management, obtaining that employees have an understanding of the tasks they must perform and supervising the work of each employee.

Today this role has changed, therefore supervisors are increasingly trained to involve people with the tasks and make them feel committed. Similarly, the supervisor has the task of developing good entrepreneurs, getting people to generate ideas outside the box, and forming a work team.

In addition to this, they also have the role of implementing new ideas and directions for their team, devising creative ways to trace the information to their staff and maintaining strength in their work team.

Based on the above, the current supervisor has become what we know as a leader, which is recognized because his work team obtains the best results, working in a blended and joyful way.

An effective management of a supervisor is identified by 5 basic aspects:

  • Self awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

5 Simple tips that lead us towards effective supervision

1. Evaluate your current attitude as a supervisor, if you think your employees are lazy or unable to do the job, you may not be playing an effective supervisory role. Eliminate any negative beliefs you may have from your employees and focus on getting positive results with what you have on hand.

2. Make sure that your behavior does not hinder your management, avoid being controlling, obsessive and focus on being analytical, a support for your group and a guide to carry out the tasks.

3. Always give employees credit when they do a good job and feedback when they make a mistake, feedback should be instant. Always praise in public and criticize in private.

4. Show your employees self-confidence, and make sure you clearly know the tasks you are performing. This gives your team confidence.

5. Maintain empathy with your employees and make sure to show sensitivity to the well-being of people inside and outside the company.

Let's start today with a personal review and be effective supervisors.

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