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What is The Master of Business Administration MBA

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For professionals studying careers related to finance and business administration it's very important to update their knowledge and channel them in favor of new business trends. That's why there is the Master of Business Administration (MBA), or Master of Business Administration, a postgraduate degree in business for professionals linked to this area. But what is MBA and what is it for?

MBA - What is it and what is it for?

The MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) is a master's or postgraduate degree that professionals with careers associated with the business and financial world can study. It was originally started in the United States at the Tuck School of Business in 1900, but over time it was exported to other countries, which have included it in the studies pensions of universities and business schools for the specialization of their professionals.

The MBA Program has great prestige and recognition worldwide, and allows the business professional to expand and enhance their knowledge in the area of ​​business, a fundamental activity for the world economy. They are knowledge that every professional who aspires to a management position within a company must handle.

A professional who pursues an MBA will be able to perform successfully in the business field, applying tools and skills of leadership, direction, organization and management to the changing scenarios of the economy, seeking to overcome the competition and applying market strategies that position the company as leaders in its field.

The MBA serves to specialize business professionals in making assertive decisions and with great strategic ability, providing the professional with added value that can be applied in companies both nationally and internationally. It can be studied face-to-face or virtual, but in both cases realizing individual or group real practices that serve with real experiences of what is learned in the books, applying the knowledge acquired in reality in order to become integral professionals and of great value in the business.

MBA types

Like many of the postgraduate options for other careers, there are different types of MBA aimed at different professionals, but all with a high level of demand:

Executive MBA: As the name implies, it's aimed at executives who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of business management while working, allowing them to apply everything learned in the real world and observe the results of the postgraduate course in real time. For this type of MBA it's required that the executive have a university degree and between 2 and 5 years of experience in some managerial position.

MBA International: This MBA program is more globalized as it focuses on the training and practices carried out in companies from various parts of the world. This makes this MBA very demanding and rigorous, and professionals must have a high level of languages, specially English.

Full Time and Part Time MBA: Full-time and part-time MBAs are designed for the student to configure the time they will devote to the postgraduate course. For those who have work, the Part Time mode allows them to cover both aspects, while those who don't have work and want to devote themselves fully to the MBA can choose the Full Time mode. This MBA can be studied in person or remotely.

For professionals in the business world, knowing what an MBA is and what it's for is essential if they want to scale seats in the workplace and aspire to great responsibilities and benefits, open many doors and offer unique opportunities to those who take full advantage of this postgraduate.

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