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To climb the ladder in the field of health care administration, employees must obtain business and management skills in addition to having a medical background. Healthcare administrators supervise medical personnel and generally patient care and manage relationships with suppliers. While a bachelor's degree in health care administration is sufficient for entry-level jobs, highest classification level jobs generally require an advanced degree like the MHA (Master of Healthcare Administration).

The MHA Degree Definition Summary

The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Degree is a Degree that help 'entry-level health care administration specialist' to get advanced professional training that support his/her career.

Entry Requirements

Reputable MHA programs receive approval and accreditation through the Association of University programs in the Health Administration and the Commission on Accreditation of Health Management Education. Requirements for MHA programs include an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, transcripts, essays, a resume and recommendation letters a minimum GPA specified by the program. MHA programs require applicants to submit the scores of standardized tests, including the GMAT. If students on joint-degree programs to earn an MHA / JD or MHA / MBA apply, they must also take exams such as the GMAT for business school and the LSAT for law school. Foreign students are required to submit results of the Test of English as a foreign language.

Length of the program and the requirements of the course

MHA programs generally take two years to complete as full-time student studies. Some schools also offer evening and part-time opportunities for working professionals. Courses include topics such as economics, accounting, marketing, statistics, information systems, legal issues, management, human resources, ethics, leadership and more. Students complete research projects and participate in internships and required residencies in hospitals and companies.

Joint programs

While introducing a joint degree program will extend the duration of a student in graduate school, the following earning benefits offer a double degree of increased employment and promotion opportunities. Many schools offer students the opportunity to earn a degree or a master's degree in business administration together with an MHA. Medical schools also offer joint programs for a double MD / MHA.

Opportunities in the labor market

Healthcare makes one of the largest sectors of the nation's economy. The job prospects in the industry are bright, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and employees with advanced degrees and business and management skills have the best prospects for landing jobs. This is a good omen for MHA graduates who find jobs not only in hospitals, but also in consulting firms, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations.

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