What is Masters Graduation


The Definition of Master Degree Graduation

A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. An official postgraduate master's degree is achieved by completing a program of two years or more according to the university and the national education system.

The master's degrees seek to expand and develop knowledge for the solution of disciplinary, interdisciplinary or professional problems, and also provide the person with the basic instruments that enable him as a researcher in a specific area of ​​science, arts or technology, that allow you to deepen theoretically and conceptually in a field of knowledge.

A master's degree is equivalent to having a university degree of 6 years or more (according to the university and the national accreditation system), since it's necessary to obtain the degree degree (4 years or more) before entering this level. The next university academic postgraduate is the doctorate.

The term master has been confusing, since it's also used to refer to unregulated additional training cycles, among which are the so-called "own degrees". These degrees accredit a university cycle of non-doctoral postgraduate training and recognize a qualified level of training higher than the degree. The regulations of this type of own titles are dictated by the educational institutions, but the main basic characteristics are common in all of them. However, these types of teachings aren't approved, so they can't benefit from agreements or validation agreements.

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