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What is Andragogy

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Andragogy is a discipline focused on adult education. It's a series of techniques that are oriented to the teaching and learning process of individuals who are already adulthood.

While pedagogy tends to focus on children, andragogy focuses on the elderly. It's important to keep in mind that the human being learns throughout his life, not only in childhood.

Andragogy, in this context, addresses psychological, sociological and philosophical issues linked to the formation of adults. Since the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly and children are different, andragogy considers these particularities to optimize the development of training.

Adults, for example, already have multiple experiences and make personal judgments. The educator must contemplate this reality within the framework of the bond forged through teaching.

Another factor to analyze is that adults tend to want to apply new knowledge immediately and that such learning brings benefits. Andragogy pays attention to these interests and motivations.

Andragogy, in short, is part of the educational sciences. The androgynous processes promote reasoning, invite to confront individual knowledge with group knowledge and encourage constructive debate.

It's essential to know how the elders learn so that the teachers carry out their task successfully. That's why andragogy is very important for the design of classes and courses, as well as when teaching lessons.

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