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Teaching role is the role assumed by teachers and teachers. It's a complex role that encompasses multiple dimensions and has important effects on society.

The person who fulfills the teaching role is responsible for educating others. In the most basic sense, providing education consists of providing information and developing explanations so that students are able to assimilate the contents.

The teaching role, on the other hand, implies the transmission of values. Society expects, in general, that people who teach positive values ​​in students: respect for the rules, the exercise of solidarity, etc.

Specifically, through certain publications, it's determined that a good teaching role is that carried out by the teacher who, in order to teach his students and encourage and motivate them, carries out certain measures such as:

- It uses a lot of interactive resources and new technologies to get students to better understand the contents and also to capture their attention.
- Nourish the curiosity of the students.
- Reta the students' knowledge through games and activities that come out of the "routine".
- Promotes at all times the participation of its students as well as the interaction between them.
- Looks for students to answer their questions with their arguments.
- Bet on using techniques such as debate to get your students to be able to assimilate the contents, make their own ideas about certain issues and forge a clear position. Of course, always with the dialogue as a basis.

In addition to all of the above, we can't forget the fact that currently the teaching role goes much further. And it's that right now, for example, it's necessary to be able to detect, act and help in cases of bullying, bullying. In this way, it's important that not only work on the subject in class to prevent this situation from happening but also, when he discovers, a specific case must take appropriate measures to defend the victim and that responsibilities are cleared by Part of the stalkers.

It's important to note that the teaching role also requires ensuring discipline in the educational environment. Teachers must ensure that students behave appropriately: if they do not, the teaching role also contemplates the possibility of sanctioning faults.

Nor can it be mentioned that the teaching role encompasses intangible and symbolic issues, such as the contribution of containment to children and the construction of a bond of affection between the teacher and the student.

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