Speech Therapy


What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy, known in Latin America as audiology, is the set of methods for teaching a normal phonation who have difficulties in pronunciation.

It's the science that evaluates, diagnoses and treats the problems of language, voice and swallowing. Its purpose is prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and comprehensive evaluation of human communication disorders, whether they belong to the field of speech or language.

Speech therapy even takes care of orofacial problems, through myofunctional therapy. In some countries, there is the figure of the teacher of hearing and language, a professional who can be confused with the speech therapist when doing similar work within the educational framework.

Speech therapy, for example, can be responsible for the treatment of aphasia, which is the loss or disorder of speech ability due to an injury to the language areas of the cerebral cortex. This dysfunction makes it impossible or diminishes the ability to communicate through oral language, writing or signs.

The dysphasia, an anomaly in the language, it's assumed, is caused by brain injury, it can also be treated by the SLP. Dysphasia is usually named as a specific language disorder or a specific language development disorder and is defined by exclusion, since it names the onset or delayed development of language that can't be attributed to a sensory deficit, mental deficiency, psychopathological disorder, socio-affective deprivation or obvious brain injury.

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