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Institutional Project

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An institutional project is a purpose or an initiative that an organization plans to carry out or is already executing. Usually it's a collective venture that has the contributions of several people.

Institutional projects are frequent in the educational field. Teachers in schools and universities often devise institutional projects so that their students can practice, acquire knowledge and interact with the community.

Take the case of an educational establishment that has a radio as part of an institutional project. The station is directed by the professors, but with programs that the students carry out. In this framework, young people should research on various topics and report on them. Thanks to this institutional project, children learn about different issues, acquire communication skills and integrate into society by spreading their views and perspectives.

A museum, on the other hand, may have an institutional project to approach the neighbors. Thus, he organizes itinerant exhibitions in his neighborhood to spread his collection and promotes free guided tours so that no one is left without knowing the site.

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