Educational Program


What is Educational Program?

Educational program is a document that allows organizing and detailing a pedagogical process. The program provides guidance to the teacher regarding the content to be taught, the way in which he has to develop his teaching activity and the objectives to be achieved.

Educational programs usually have certain mandatory contents, which are set by the State. In this way, all citizens of a country are expected to have a certain knowledge base that's considered essential for cultural, historical or other reasons.

Beyond this characteristic, educational programs have different characteristics even in the same country. Each educational center incorporates what it considers necessary and gives a particular physiognomy to the educational program that'll govern the training of its students.

In some countries, for example, it's established by the relevant organic law of education, that educational programs should promote a series of aspects or principles such as:

- Equity.
- The equality of opportunities.
- Non-discrimination.
- Educational inclusion.

In general, an educational program includes the detail of the thematic contents, the learning objectives are explained, the teaching methodology and the modes of evaluation are mentioned and the bibliography that'll be used during the course is clarified.

Another way to understand the concept of educational program is to associate it with software that serves to teach something. In this case, it's an interactive computer program for educational purposes.

An educational program is also a television program that, like software, seeks to disseminate knowledge in a didactic way so that the viewer can assimilate and learn.

An example of an educational program can be a television series that teaches to speak English. In the various programs, a teacher explains questions related to pronunciation, conjugation of verbs and other details.

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