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What Curriculum Summary Means?

Summary is the consequence of summarizing (making something shorter, removing the superficial and focusing on the most important). Curriculum, meanwhile, is that linked to a curriculum (a study program or a curriculum vitae).

The notion of curriculum summary, therefore, is used to refer to a reduced version of a curriculum. It should be remembered that this is the document where a person details various experiences (personal, educational and work) in order to apply for a job.

The curriculum summary implies a review of these experiences, without the inclusion of details or extensive descriptions. The objective is that the potential employer can access the essential information simply and quickly.

In addition to all of the above, we can't ignore that the curriculum summary is also known as a resume and that, although there are people who often confuse it, it's not the same as a curriculum. Specifically, it's determined that the main differences between the two are the following:

- They have a different extension, since the summary is much shorter. In general, this usually has a maximum of one sheet in which they proceed to synthesize the most significant aspects of the life of the person in question at the training and professional level.

- By usual rule, the aforementioned summary is usually presented in a much more visual and schematic format, so that practically from a view who reads it can know its suitability to occupy a job.

- Also, it shouldn't be overlooked that the curriculum is the document preferred by the Human Resources departments when choosing a candidate to fill a job that requires a lot of professionalism and experience.

It's possible to organize the curriculum summary in different ways. One possibility is to present the information according to your topic: the person, for example, can first include his work experiences in food companies, then continue with his experiences in the computer sector and finally complete with data about his work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Regarding the chronology, the curriculum summary can be ascending or descending. There are those who prefer to start the summary with their oldest work history and then move on to the last job. Others, on the other hand, choose to place the closest work experience at the top of the curriculum summary.

When carrying out the writing of a curriculum summary, it's important that the following tips be taken into account:

- The most important thing is to be clear about what position you expect to get with it, since based on this you'll choose to give it more prominence to one type of training or another or to a specific previous work experience.
- You have to be concise and direct when writing it.
- You must have a clear and attractive structure.
- The key is to give prominence to the "strengths" that are had.

Although the curriculum summary used to be a printed sheet that was delivered by hand or sent by mail, nowadays it's usually a digital document that's published on the Internet or sent through email.

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