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Best Online MBA Programs

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More and more users decide to continue studying to improve their training. So in this article we bring you a ranking of best online MBA. Because if you want to expand your knowledge and focus your future towards the business world, it's important that you opt for one of the best MBA of the moment, because it will give you greater prestige.

Before knowing the best MBA online, let us know more about what it's and the objectives that are pursued with its realization.

What is an MBA?

MBA or Master of Business Administration is the postgraduate program that has the highest international prestige worldwide. It's focused for professionals who seek to focus their work activity to business management, something that's easier to achieve through specialization in business and business management.

Therefore, graduates or professionals who do an MBA, acquire all those skills and competencies that a successful manager must have. To achieve this, it's taught by professionals in the sector and also has a training period, so that users can practice what they have learned in a real environment.

List of the best online MBA Programs

Based on some surveys and studies we list the following:

- Warwick MBA from Distance Learning from Warwick Business School
- Global MBA from IE Business School
- Isenberg Online MBA from the Business School in Amherst
- Kelley Online MBA from Kelley School of Business
- Durhan Online MBA from Durham University Business School
- Babson MBA from Blended Learning from Babson College
- Hybrid Online MBA from Hough Graduate School of Business
- MBAx from Australian Graduate School of Management
- Carey Online MBA from WP Carey School of Business
- Online MBA from George Washington University

What is taken into account when preparing this ranking?

Different aspects are taken as a reference, among which we highlight the student's profile, academic experience, the quality of the cloister, diversity, etc. But other important aspects are also valued, such as salary progression, that is, what you earned before and after completing this master's degree.

However, remember that the ranking is updated every year. So from one year to another there could be changes. So our recommendation is that you check the ranking by updating at the time you want to do it. In this way you can choose the best center or check if the one you have in mind is well valued and offers good results to the users who have chosen it.

In addition, a fact that's important to highlight is that the online MBA of IE Business School lost the first position with respect to 2017. Still, currently, it occupies the place number 2, so it remains one of the best options for study MBA online.

Advantages of MBA Online

Over the years it has become one of the preferred options for students who want to acquire knowledge in business management. The reasons to study it? The following:

- Flexible: you can study from anywhere, since you only need a computer and Internet access.
- It includes internships in companies: although the training is online, you can demonstrate all your knowledge in a real way in a company.
- Improve your quality of life: a large percentage of students who do it get jobs soon and earn much more than before they started.

If you want to focus your professional career on business management or consulting, the MBA is one of the options you should consider.

What requirements do you need to take an MBA?

You need to have a university degree (regardless of the degree). And you don't need to have previous knowledge, since the contents of the MBA focus on the functionalities of companies regardless of the sector. Of course there are 3 types: MBA Executive, MBA Full Time / Part Time and MBA International.

So now that you know the ranking of the best online MBA, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. Your professional career will go from strength to strength!

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