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The science that consists of documenting is known as documentation , it's identified by the information processing that will provide data specific about a certain topic; According to this, it can be identified as an instrumental and auxiliary technique, in order to inform many people about a specific topic. A document is nothing more than a written text that has the purpose of serving as a support for the story of a circumstance, it can also be described as a letter that contains data that must be identified to verify information; According to the criteria with which the document is drawn up, it can be classified into: textual documents, these are written or made on paper and non-textual documents, which use a medium other than paper to capture the data to be published ( pendrive , recording, video, etc.).

According to the information they handle, the documents can be classified into: primary, which are written directly by the person who owns the information or the argument that is expressed in textual form or not; secondary that are the result of the fusion between citations of previous documents that have relation on the subject already exposed. Finally, there are the tertiary ones, which are the documents resulting from the analysis of the secondary ones.

An area that commonly works with the use of documents is the field of Law, an example of these would be the public document that is defined as the endorsement to prove some circumstances that have been experienced , it's drawn up by the public administration; the opposite of this document is the private document, which is signed by the parties involved but isn't authorized by the aforementioned public administration. On the other hand, there is the authentic document, it's one that is authorized by all the bases of the law. Another type of document used in a popular way by all the inhabitants of a nation is the identity document , this is issued by the state In order to keep each inhabitant of a country identified, this allows identifying him as a citizen or foreigner.

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