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How Do You Write A Book? The Steps In A Row!

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How Do You Write A Book? The Steps In A Row!

How Do You Write A Book? The Steps In A Row!
How do I write a book? It is the question that many beginning writers struggle with. Often you start, but you do not have any inspiration after three chapters. Or the story gets bogged down in long-winded thoughts, instead of powerful pageturns. In order to ensure that you make a good start with your book, you will find a lot of practical tips and information on this website that will help you on your way. The tip we give to every novice writer: break the task and work in steps. We already put these steps straight for you. You will then have to take care of the content.

Step 1: Determine the type of book you are going to write

A logical step, but we want to give it to you: think first of what kind of book you want to write. There is a big difference in the writing approach between a novel, cookbook or biography. We have already written out the steps for each book type so that you can make a flying start. You can read more about it on the ' types of books ' page .

Step 2: Know your audience

We understand that you just want to tell your story, whether it is in the form of an autobiography or novel. But of course it is as much fun as the people for whom you write your book to read it with pleasure. So know who your audience is and keep that in mind. It does not have to be leading, but you can keep to the lesson.

Step 3: Know what your book is about

Do you know what your book should be about and for whom you write it? Then it is wise to explain your story in broad lines. You do this by breaking up your story in themes and writing it out in a table of contents. This does not have to be a fixed pattern that you have to adhere to, inspiration must also be able to flow, but it can provide you with guidance during the process. Start the creative content of your book : with a white sheet and a pencil, you get less of a list feeling and you get better ideas.

Step 4: Write first, then delete

How tempting it is to immediately write your book "perfect": do not do it. Write, write and keep writing until your book is finished. Then read it quietly to correct mistakes and to apply stress. First the content, then the form. If you do it the other way around, you run the risk that the result looks beautiful, but you quickly get bored of your book because it is not what you expected from content. We will say quality over quantity.

Step 5: Design and book cover

Perhaps you already have extensive ideas about how your book cover and the design of your book should look like. We help you professionally convert them into a finished product in our prepress department. And do not you know where to start? Then we would like to make a setup for you. Of course there are many points that you have to take into account when your book is made. You read it all on the page ' A world of possibilities, from cover to inside work '.

Step 6: Publish your book

Maybe you make your book only for yourself, friends and acquaintances. But there is also a chance that you really want to sell it and even want to make money. You can do this in two ways: you can search for a publisher for your book, or you can publish your book yourself. For more than 90 percent of the productions, self-publishing is a lot more realistic: you hold the control yourself. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages for you, so that you can decide for yourself which option suits you best.

Tip to start writing your book

The best tip we can give you is to just start writing. Because you do not have to fantasize about books, you simply write them. Do you find it difficult or do you want some guidance on the way? Then we definitely recommend the Write! Academy . As a writer in development you will find three writing packages at different levels here. Per package we offer you concrete knowledge and support from experienced writing coaches, a place to meet like-minded people and the tools to ensure that your book really comes. What are you waiting for? Your book is ready to be written!

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