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What is Document Management

A desk with a stack of mail on it, subdivided into letters, quotations and invoices is the start of a document management system (DMS). DMS software is therefore a tool for managing unstructured documents and data from an organization. The basic elements of a usable document management system should at least consist of: Metadata, Version management, Security, Check in / out mechanism, Workflow and Integration linking possibilities with existing applications such as MS-Office, CRM and ERP systems. The purpose of a DMS system is to improve existing processes, make them safer and, above all, traceable.

When is document management useful?

A document management system is useful for every organization where data and document management are part of the daily business process, and an organization wants to work more efficiently and in a controlled manner. Indications of the need for a DMS include: use of a lot of paper in the business processes, document management takes (too) much time, documents are difficult to find. A document management system makes it possible to trace the correct document within a few seconds. How long do you take?

The DMS package will work for you and actively supports the business processes. For example, it can inform you in time if a contract or important certificate is about to expire. The right document management choice and a well-implemented implementation will result in a solution that employees can continue to work in the way they are used to. At the same time, the user benefits from benefits such as improved personnel efficiency and streamlined processes. In addition, document management ensures that safety and history are guaranteed and thereby supports various certification guidelines.


The most important developments of recent years are the 'object-oriented DMS structure', having the freedom to define objects in order to connect the document management system perfectly to existing business processes. The object-oriented structure makes the DMS extremely suitable for more applications, such as CRM, Contract management or Incident management. And the emergence of location independent use of document management solutions, think of the development of web portals for external employees or customers.

Document management future

For the future there are other challenges, short-term developments include: Mobile document management & BYOD (bring your own device), maturing of data and document management and participating in business processes through smartphones and tablets. Hybrid document management solutions forward, the combination of Cloud and on-premise document management, which are available both as a product and as a service. Furthermore social content and collaboration, more information sharing and collaboration and Big Data, the management of complex, fast and / or large amounts of data.

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