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Manage Document Flow With a Document Management System

In the current world of ever faster communication and ever-increasing information flows, the need to quickly get the right data is greater than ever. With the current way of working, information is stored in different places or different mediums. As a result, there is no overview, which means that retrieving documents takes more time than is desirable. A document management system (DMS) ensures that you have all the information you need quickly and easily. This gives you a good picture of information flows from and to your organization.

Processing of documents

With a few simple mouse clicks, a document management system processes the data of each document. The document content is provided with value-increasing metadata and is directly digitally accessible for every authorized employee. Losing documents is a thing of the past. All documents can be reached regardless of location and time due to digitization. This allows employees to function without physical documents. Digitization therefore increases the quality of business operations.

E-mail management

Within an organization, e-mail traffic can cause problems because hardly any control instruments have been developed for it. Employees don't store their e-mails centrally, which creates an elusive 'gray' document circuit. With a document management system it's possible to get a grip on that complex e-mail traffic within your organization. When saving your e-mail it doesn't matter whether you want to save one or more e-mails or attachments at the same time. With one simple mouse click, your e-mail can be saved automatically.

Automatic document routing

Automatic document routing has never made it easier for your organization to send documents. Whether they are decision-making documents or documents for information only, automatic routing ensures that all documents are delivered to the right employees quickly and easily.

The person handling this document will find all relevant documents in his / her work stock. His / her supervisor has a status overview of all pending documents. The automatic routing also ensures that the employee can carry out the correct follow-up actions at all times. By a clear overview of all relevant information, the employee can choose to view all related documents or to prepare a response document.

Central storage and management

Documents and files within the organization are archived in a structured way. The storage of documents in a document management system has a few characteristic advantages:

- It's possible to save different versions of a document and the versions can be retrieved separately.
- Every document can be found quickly. By using cloud solutions you can consult, edit and handle documents from anywhere with an internet connection.
- A structured archive ensures that documents are kept in the right place and that these documents are destroyed within the correct time.

Finding instead of searching

For the success of an organization, it's of the utmost importance that your employees always have the necessary information at their disposal without any problems. A simple and fast search engine is therefore an essential part of a document management system. A good search engine distinguishes itself by finding information in an intuitive way and presenting this in a logical way to an authorized employee.

Deploying a DMS offers you the following benefits:

- Substantial cost and time savings
- Secure management of all your documents
- Work location and time independent
- Find your documents quickly and effectively
- Seamless integration with other solutions
- Central storage
- Clearly accessible information
- Increased productivity
- High acceptance rate by users
- Share documents quickly and easily
- Complying with laws and regulations

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