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Implementation of a DMS System

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After the selection of a DMS system, the implementation is necessary to get the software up and running. Everything needed to be able to use the DMS software as you envisaged is part of this implementation phase. The installation of the software concerns the technical aspects. In addition, there are various organizational factors that play a role. Users of the new software must be prepared and trained, processes adapted where necessary.

Why do DMS implementations go wrong?

If implementations fail, this is rarely the result of the software itself. If there are problems with this, they will almost always be identified and corrected in a timely manner. The actual problems are organizational in nature. Poor project management and unclear workflows are the main causes of failed DMS projects.

What makes projects fail:

- Thoughtless decisions.
- Pre-projected too rushed.
- Poor management in the selection and implementation process.
- Too little insight into own workflows and business processes.
- Too little support within the organization.

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