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DMS Selection

You can choose from a large number of document management systems. The large choice and sometimes subtle differences between DMS software makes it difficult to determine which of all these solutions best suits your type of workflow and organization. Suppliers are happy to present their solutions to you, but the information you receive is often not sufficient for a proper assessment and a well-founded decision. This website and the DMS box provide you with the information that helps you determine which DMS system best fits your organization.

DMS Selection process

During the selection process it's about the final choice of a document management solution that best fits your workflow and type of organization. First of all, your business process must be described in the preparation phase. After detailed analysis of this, you formulate the specific wishes and requirements. First select systems that initially seem to be satisfactory. The information sources, product overviews and guides help you compile them. A rough assessment is sometimes enough to drop the first possible solutions.

What you have left are DMS systems that are broadly satisfactory. Together they form the long list. You investigate these solutions further, until a shortlist remains. The DMS software from the shortlist is intensively compared and assessed in detail. This leaves a maximum of three document management solutions. You make your choice here in the final phase.


The selection of a document management system requires knowledge of the total offer, a reliable picture of the market and a structured approach. Preparation for this is essential. If you skip important steps or don't perform certain steps correctly in the selection process, you considerably reduce the chance of choosing the best DMS solution.

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