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DMS in The Cloud

Document management is no longer an activity for which the software must necessarily be installed within the walls of your organization. More and more solutions are available online, referred to as 'DMS in the cloud'. All DMS systems that are available through the internet are meant by this.

Cloud computing

- With DMS in the cloud you can leave the management of software and hardware to the DMS provider that offers you the software solution.

- Cloud solutions make complex document management systems more suitable for smaller organizations.

- The doubt about reliability and safety is no longer necessary. Documents that are managed through cloud solutions are secure. The availability of the software is practically 100%.

- A cloud document management solution is available wherever there is internet access. This makes the DMS independent of the workplace and ensures that it's accessible through tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.

- The provider of the cloud service ensures that the user always has the most recent version of the DMS software at his disposal.

- Large investments can be omitted. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly amount for the use of the service

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