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Distinguishing Yourself

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"You'll be put in a box; decide for yourself which box that is. "

The need to distinguish yourself

- Have you received the umpteenth rejection of your application?
- Are you unable to find a job that suits you?
- Do you stay where you are because you think there are no more fun jobs to be found in times of crisis ?
- Do you want other work but you don't know which other work suits you?

You're not the only one.

After the umpteenth rejection, you no longer believe that you'll ever find that nice job again. This creates a great need to convince each other that just indeed is enough and that it's best to keep quiet and to accept your humble destiny. But nothing is less true!

In these times of economic crisis , writing is mainly about mass layoffs, reorganization or bankruptcies. This soon creates an impression that the labor market is troubled , that you are in any case at risk of escaping from it and that you may squeeze your hands that you still have a job at all.

New established or established companies, initiated one-man businesses, or self-created jobs due to incidents have less news value . The big headlines and attention go mainly to negative developments. Unknowingly has this news affect the way we think about our possibilities and opportunities in the market. Without that we have through stimulates a lesser economic conditions us in the ranks to continue, we adapt to the norm and happy to be with any job, or that well suits you or not. In our Calvinist established The Netherlands is primarily intended to behave as the masses expect from you. Predictability is highly appreciated and deviant behavior is not stimulated at best. Our language is also full of subtle hints to be as normal as possible. " If you were born for a dime, you'll never be a quarter " and " Just do it, then you'll be crazy enough " are commonly used expressions. `Our school system is aimed at teaching children to conform to the whole. Color within the lines , get good grades and do what is said. It is therefore not surprising that even in the 'big human world' those who are non-comformist have a heart and dreams follows and will do what deviates from the norm , almost certainly encounter incomprehension and negative feedback: " Do what you like, you do it in your spare time " or " Well, everyone would like that but then simply cannot … 'People seem to have a great need to convince each other that just indeed is enough and that it's best to keep quiet and to accept your modest fate.

But at this time it's RIGHT than ever to communicate about yourself in a powerful , distinctive way. Jobs are no longer up for grabs, life time employment is a thing of the past and therefore employers and clients are more critical than ever. In the labor market of the 21st century you fall outside the boat when you are average and walk with the masses . If you don't have clear added value , you run the risk of losing your job in the event of a reorganization, dismissal or reduction. The credo of today is: Differentiation or Die . To ensure that your position in your job or job market is guaranteed is, others will have to see the added value of your work or your contribution. This principle means a lot to the way you look at your work, your career and your professional position on the labor market.

In the current labor market you need to know exactly what you excel in (your talents ), why you are more than worth your salary or fee. You'll need to clearly understand what exactly your contribution is to the interests of your employer, or to the project you are working on or for the client to whom you are linked. You'll also need to be able to make it clear to the people around you.

That is why it's definitively over with the regular CV, modest standard application letters and performance appraisals in which you set yourself in a moderate position and neatly explain what you have achieved so far. Modesty is the devil's ear cushion: you must have a ready-made answer to the question of what you have to offer and what is so interesting about it for the people with whom you work. It is no longer just interesting, fun or inspiring to know what you are good at, but also - above all - and above all - absolutely essential that you know exactly how and in which you excel and with which you can offer added value to organizations, employers projects and colleagues. In addition, if you are unable to communicate this to others in the most effective way, you'll eventually lose the battle with the large number of competitors on the market. More than ever expected from you that you yourself the director takes over your career. It has become your task that you remain employable and attractive in a market that is constantly changing .

The new labor market therefore requires a basic attitude of employment entrepreneurship . You are at the helm of your career. You become the name entrepreneur of your own talents . But are you ready for that and do you actually know how to distinguish yourself and what your talents are? To be able to take control and shape your career for life, it's important that you know exactly:

- What your talents and motives are;
- What your added value is, where you make the difference and what you can contribute
- Which context best suits your talents
- How you can put your talents into action
- See yourself as a product or service
- Figure out what is stopping you from going for a job that suits you

Are you ready for the new labor market and do you want to earn money with work that fits well with your talents?

- But are you still stuck in your search for the job that really suits you?
- Do you want to know what you are good at and what you should focus on when applying for a job
- Do you want other work but you don't know which other work suits you?
- Do you want to know how to make a good choice now?

What could be nicer than getting everything you need? Discover your talent and notice that life suddenly becomes a lot easier and you have much more time for the things in life that really give you energy. Through my program "Discover your talent Masters" you learn to get in touch with your talents. You'll experience the following in at least 8 sessions of an hour and a half:

- After this process you are an entrepreneur (CEO) of your own talents. You know what your 5 unique strengths are (in relation to your other 34 talents)
- Insight into mental beliefs or emotional blockages
- You learn tricks (leverage skills) to get even more out of your talents
- You know what your real, authentic wishes are in the field of work and your life in general and you learn how to take them seriously again
- We are going to see what your motives are.
- You know which context best fits who you are (specific job (s) or job direction (s))
- You'll learn how to set realistic goals for yourself that feel good
- You grow faster. Not by working harder, but by working softer. You discover even more which way of working suits your personal and unique talents. You'll use that even more in your life
- Do you know what you have no talent for and how you can cope with what you are good at. This helps you to focus on what you are good at
- You know how your unique talents work together (integration of talents)
- Certain talents often work against us (the tap is open too far). In this process you learn to see how you can get the most out of your talents so that they start working for you instead of working against you.
- Discovering and naming your talents is making clear how you use your talents to achieve concrete results for your organization or customer, which is communication about your talents. With this you add value to a company and that is also what this labor market demands.
- You increase your pallet of words with which you can distinguish yourself from your colleagues on the basis of your unique DNA talent (new language for resume, elevator pitch, job interviews)
- Do you have more self-confidence about what you can offer in relation to life and your career and you feel more energetic.
- How to maintain the right focus in your company and / or life so that you no longer lose time, money and energy on things that don't lead to results.

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