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If you want to access better opportunities and you're clear that obtaining a professional degree is key to achieving it, it's very important that you prepare yourself and discover how to study and work simultaneously with success.

For that reason, in this material we'll focus on giving you some tips that can help you meet your goal of pursuing a bachelor's degree without neglecting your current responsibilities.

Keep in mind that although the points we'll mention will require you to make an extra effort in your routine, at the end of your career and aspiring to a better salary and access to better opportunities, everything will be worth it.

1. Learn to organize your time

During your time at the university, having a good organization in your activities, the delivery dates of your projects and the days you have meetings or exams will be essential. Given this, the ideal is that you lean on some technological tool that you can consult wherever you go.

A sample of this is Google Calendar, an application that sends you notifications and alerts before you have to go to any meeting, appointment or event. Without a doubt, this allows you not to miss any important activity and saves you many moments of stress.

Another point to consider so that you can make the most of your time is that you classify your earrings according to their urgency and importance, since there will surely be days when the work or school load could be strong and you should be prepared.

For this, it can also help you to use the voice recorder of your phone, specially, because you can create audios on your way to work or university with the most important points of your day or with specifications that you need to remember when making each of your activities.

On the other hand, another tool that can be of great help if you wonder how to study and work at the same time and want to optimize the way you use your time, is Google Drive.

And it's that this allows you to have all the files of your projects and tasks at all times, ready to be modified and sent. The good news is that in addition to helping you make your day work, you won't have to worry about lost files or unsaved changes, since the application will help you keep all the work you do safe.

2. Use practical study methods

It's normal that while you're in higher education you feel a little saturated with information due to the large amount of knowledge that you'll acquire along with going to your job.

So another tip of great relevance at this stage of your life will be to learn to recognize what's important and what's not, and try different study methods until you find which ones help you remember better what you learn.

You can rely on mind maps, quizzes and comparative charts, for example. Of course, each person understands himself better with different methods, so it will be essential that you try and gradually choose what best suits you.

3. Take care of your well-being

You will surely wonder what this advice has to do with how to study and work at the same time effectively, but you should know that it's one of the most important points for you to successfully combine these activities.

And it's that one of your top priorities when studying your degree and collaborating in a company must always be to take care of your well-being, which implies that you establish specific hours to eat and rest, and respect them.

Take into account that in order for you to be able to perform well in your activities and achieve the desired level of concentration, it's essential that you have moments of relaxation throughout the day, have a balanced diet and get enough sleep. By doing all this, you'll see very noticeable changes in the way you make your earrings and, above all, in the results you obtain.

4. Use the GTD method

The Getting Things Done or GTD method proposes that people classify their earrings in order to perform them in the most effective way.

The idea is that you first carry out in your routine all those activities that you can solve in a time of 2 minutes or less, for example: answer emails, make a call, answer a message, request certain information, among other things.

Once you're done with this, the next thing to do is focus on the tasks that are most urgent in your day. Of course, for this it's also important that you learn to delegate activities in cases where this is possible.

Finally, the final part of the day can be devoted to topics that are less relevant and that don't require a maximum level of concentration.

5. Concentrate on each of your activities

It's a fact that if you wonder how to study and work successfully, one of the things that worries you isn't having enough time to attend to all your responsibilities.

Given this, a key tip that you should always keep in mind is that in order for you to really be successful when combining your studies with a job you need to get used to always keeping your concentration on the activity you're doing at the moment.

This means that if you're in your job making a report or any other pending, your mind should be there and you should avoid at all costs questioning yourself about school or other responsibilities. In the same way, when you're studying for a test, the ideal is that you don't attend to tasks or messages that come from your work.

6. enjoy it

Studying a career is a great privilege that not all people can access and that can bring many satisfactions to your life, starting with a stronger curriculum that allows you to access better job offers and, therefore, higher incomes.

That said, it's important that you enjoy every day the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, meet people and develop your talents.

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