Digital Signature


The term digital signature is used to refer to an electronic signature form. This can be an ordinary electronic signature or a qualified electronic signature. Sometimes, only the second form receives the definition of digital.

Ordinary electronic signature

An ordinary electronic signature resembles the traditional signature. With the help of an electronic pen or a scanned signature, electronic documents and e-mails can be signed. The signature confirms the identity of the signer.

Qualified electronic signature

With the qualified electronic signature, an authorization document or action will be attached to the qualified certificate. This certificate confirms the identity of the signer and his authority to sign. In addition, it guarantees that nothing has changed in the document or action to be signed. Finally, the certificate also makes the signature legally valid.

How do you create a certificate?

The certificate for a digital signature normally takes the form of code, but there are different ways to generate this code. In the case of individuals, a card reader is often used to read the identity card or bank card. This card reader generates a unique code that identifies the signer. It differs depending on the case, if the user has to enter this code himself, or if the underlying software " often free " automatically associates it with the document or action.

For companies that want to sign digital documents or want to authorize actions, the process is usually more complicated. Depending on what is signed and sent digitally and the degree of security required, a company will have to invest in software. Different programs, including Adobe Sign and Global Sign, perform the digital signature of documents in, for example, a document management system. Often, with this type of software you can also authorize actions in an ERP system, through a digital signature.

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