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Definition of Working Conditions

The nature or property of things and the state or situation in which something is found are called a condition, a term that comes from the Latin word condition . The work, meanwhile, is a productive activity for which a salary is received. It's a measure of the effort made by human beings.

The working condition, therefore, is linked to the state of the work environment . The concept refers to the quality, safety and cleanliness of the infrastructure, among other factors that affect the well-being and health of the worker.

Taking care of working conditions has multiple advantages for the employer and for the State, from economic (since bad conditions imply a greater expense for the payment of medical, insurance, etc.) and legal treatments (the minimum conditions are typified in the civil law and criminal law ) even morals (no worker should be at risk for developing a work activity that allows him to meet his basic needs).

It can be said that working conditions are composed of several types of conditions, such as the physical conditions in which the work is carried out (lighting, comfort, type of machinery, uniform), environmental conditions (pollution) and organizational conditions (duration of the workday, breaks).

Unions and organizations that are responsible for protecting workers at all levels and, in this particular case, in regard to working conditions take into account a number of fundamental aspects so that the employee can carry out their work the most comfortable way possible and without compromising its integrity.

Thus, for example, among the elements that are responsible for monitoring, in order to develop occupational risk prevention systems, there are noise, lighting, work area dimensions or other regulation.

And it's that these elements, if they don't comply with the regulations required in this regard, can lead to the employee suffering from hearing loss to pictures of nervous fatigue through diseases of different types.

In this sense, it should also be stressed that there are other aspects that also become fundamental when it comes to ensuring that anyone enjoys the most favorable working conditions. Specifically, among those would be the state of the machinery to be used, the correct ventilation of the company, the availability of the necessary safety tools ...

An example of a bad working condition usually occurs in the field of mining . Workers work in an unhealthy environment, often without adequate rest. Companies, to save costs, don't implement all the necessary security measures, such as the construction of alternative exits or the installation of monitoring and alarm systems.

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