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Top 10 CRM Advice

Starting points for your CRM project

- Not every CRM project goes well. Wrong choices are made, incorrect assumptions are used or there is a lack of relevant knowledge to steer the selection process in the right direction independently. The consequences of this are that you'll be left behind with a poorly functioning CRM solution after your project, project costs that go far beyond your budget, disagreement with suppliers, and so on. Things you prefer to avoid. You start with the following principles in a way that increases the chances of a successful selection. Realize that ...
- You can't know everything yourself. Your expertise and current knowledge in the field of CRM software may be insufficient.
- You can always learn from CRM specialists. It makes sense that they know more than you.
- All external parties who are involved in your CRM project, have their own interests and that objectivity is (therefore) quite difficult.
- Quality costs money. A well-functioning CRM solution provides you with more than you can save in your CRM project.
- You now have to use new possibilities. You can reap the benefits of good decisions for years.

Top 10 advice on CRM selection

Read a brief summary of the most important CRM recommendations below. The extensive text with lots of extra information about selecting CRM software can be downloaded at the top of this page.

1. Know the properties with which you form an opinion on CRM solutions

There are many parameters with which you can distinguish and classify CRM software. It's important that you know these parameters and assessment criteria.

2. Make sure that you remain the decision maker yourself. Consultants also have their interests.

You're and remain the decision maker. You determine the outcome of the selection process. Realize that advisors can also act based on their own interests.

3. Postpone your decisions if you're in doubt or if something isn't clear to you.

If you have had insufficient time or options to oversee all the choices you can make, simply postpone a decision. Time pressure or insufficient knowledge aren't pleasant starting points for a well-considered decision.

4. Start organizing your business processes.

Never opt for a new software solution if improvements are first possible in your business processes. First analyze this, make improvements and then make the choice for new CRM software.

5. Use the available knowledge

There is so much knowledge available in the publications about how to approach the CRM selection process that it would be a shame if you didn't use it. You can already know all the success factors and pitfalls in advance.

6. Doesn't value 'free selections'

Guiding a CRM selection process is a serious activity that costs money. Everyone who offers you a free selection talks to you about a solution and earns from it. This will not make you wiser.

7. Broaden your horizon

Avoid focusing too quickly on what you already know. It's with an open attitude that you get to know new CRM solutions that may be better than what you were aware of.

8. Know what you want with your organization You

choose CRM software for the future. You'll probably use it for at least four or five years and probably longer. Therefore, think about what your market and your sales process will look like at that time and take your choices into account.

9. Be open to specialists

CRM specialists are daily involved with the theme that's 'only' part of your work and expertise for you. Use their knowledge. It can give you the all-important tip or the decisive insight.

10. Know which legal aspects you'll have to deal with in your CRM project

CRM is an important part of your business software. You enter into an agreement with an external party about this. Ensure that you know your rights and obligations and that you know what the contracts must contain in order to build sufficient collateral.

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