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What is social CRM? What can an organization do with it, what are the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages? Some knowledge partners give you the answer.


Social CRM emphasizes the extra contact moments that are available through social media.

Social CRM stands for the integration of social media channels with CRM software. The way we communicate with each other has changed dramatically with the arrival of social media. Channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have made it easier, faster, and above all on a larger scale to share information. This has also led to an important development in the world of CRM. The customer has gained more power through social media. Companies must therefore listen to their customers differently. By ignoring social media, a lot of valuable information is missed and you as an organization are unable to respond optimally to the wishes, needs and complaints of your (potential) customer.

Social CRM means that organizations monitor social media channels for sales, marketing and service. It enables companies to detect through social trends and to respond to problems, complaints or opportunities. A specific application in the food industry: B2B food companies deliver to retail, not to consumers. Monitoring social media about their brand can help them gain insight into consumer behavior (the end customer) and thus provide clarification about sales figures, rising or falling sales figures. Social media gives B2B2C insight into how the C feels about their product.

Social CRM benefits

You store more information about your relationship in your CRM. Your customer often goes on one or more social media channels. What keeps him busy? What is he about? Data that can strengthen your customer relationship.

The big advantage of social CRM is that it's an extra channel that completes the 360-degree view of the customer.

Social CRM disadvantages

The overestimation of the value of all messages that your relations share or write on social media. Not all data adds anything to the relationship that the person has with your organization.

The big disadvantage of social CRM is that it's not an exact science. Someone still needs to interpret the data. It's also something that you as a company have to 'organize' for. It's not something that can happen between noses and lips and it requires specific skills.

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