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Preparation for CRM Package Selection

The selection of a CRM package is a difficult task, with a high risk of errors that can make the project longer, more expensive and less successful. Investments can be substantial and a wrong choice has consequences for the business process or even the operating result. It's therefore of great importance to come to the best choice of CRM solution in one go during the selection process. Good preparation is essential.

Preliminary investigation

A preliminary investigation aims to map as well as possible how the customer processes in your organization work, who plays a role in that and what information you want to record. The preliminary investigation ends with a reliable definition of the requirements and wishes regarding the selection of the CRM package. The preliminary investigation consists of:

- Definition of your sales method

- Analysis of your sales process

- Formulate your requirements and wishes

Need for a new CRM package

A good preliminary investigation makes it clear whether what you're aiming for with the new CRM package can actually be achieved by implementing new software. By charting your sales process at this stage and how it should be in the future, you prevent a CRM package from being insufficiently aligned with your (future) sales process. With a preliminary investigation you also ensure that there is clarity about the selection criteria among the members of the project team who are responsible for the selection and implementation.

What to pay attention to in preparation for CRM selection?

It happens that organizations don't consider a thorough process analysis necessary, because it's assumed in advance that no improvements to the sales process are possible. Many processes 'just go that way, because they have been going that way for years'. Because the entire organization has adapted to existing processes, the search for improvements is often pushed into the background. Moreover, many employees of organizations aren't waiting for changes. Look closely at your sales method and commercial processes prior to the selection process. Make the improvements first before choosing software.

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