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What is mobile CRM? Why should an organization opt for mobile CRM or not? Some knowledge partners give you their opinion and views.


A CRM solution in which you have access to your customer data anytime and anywhere. A must have for every organization at the moment. Mobile apps allow you to consult data both online and offline.

Mobile CRM means that the CRM software can be used on any mobile device (laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Mobile CRM means that the CRM system is accessible through mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and a specific mobile interface. That means real-time insight and up-to-date information 'on the go', at the customer or on the road. Because adjustments can be made mobile, also on the go, this leads to more efficient and accurate work.

Mobile CRM benefits

- The high degree of freedom to share customer data wherever and whenever. Conversation reports, agendas, last contact moments can be viewed or made quickly and easily. Separate notes are a thing of the past and you can establish a good cooperation between the internal and external sales.

- With mobile CRM solutions, users are able to work with an online CRM anytime and anywhere. In the case of SugarCRM, for example, the desktop and mobile versions have the same interface, so that users experience no difference when working on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

- Mobile CRM is a 'second skin' for sales people. Everything they need to know is immediately available, on a device that fits in the pocket.

Mobile CRM disadvantages

- Too much software offers mobile just too little functionality for effective use. This leaves opportunities for an optimal cooperation and division of tasks around a customer. In addition, a good connection must often be required.

- There are two major disadvantages to mobile CRM. On the one hand there is the problem of security. You can easily lose a mobile device (loss, theft) and if it's not sufficiently secured, all data is also on the street. On the other hand, mobile CRM can disrupt the work / life balance. The temptation or tendency to check a mobile device during private time is great.

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