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CRM Package Selection Tips

Selecting a CRM package is difficult because of the many choices, including the functionality of the software and the 'form' in which you'll use the software. Do you choose a standard package, a standard package with customization or full customization? And will it be an online customer relationship management solution, ie CRM in the cloud, or do you opt for an on premise solution? In the CRM box, books, checklists and all other knowledge products of

Some tips highlighted

- Many CRM solutions have been satisfactory for years and will probably do so for a while. A new package offers new possibilities and that makes it attractive to think about replacement. But how necessary is the investment in a new CRM package anyway? In addition to the arguments for choosing a new customer relationship management solution, also formulate a number of arguments for not doing so.

- First identify exactly what functionality you need and what the further requirements and wishes are for the CRM package. Only at a later stage of the selection do you choose the form in which you want to use the software. By making choices too quickly, you run the risk of excluding software solutions that may fit best in terms of functionality.

- The information that you collect along the way, will enable you time and again to sharpen or supplement your objectives. Change your objectives as soon as there is a reason.

- When selecting a CRM package you can quickly separate the wheat from the chaff by asking for references. If these are missing or very difficult to do, then you know enough. The software companies or consultants who are working successfully will gladly provide you with references.

- A lot of time is involved in the selection and implementation of new CRM software. Therefore start a selection and implementation process at a time when that time is available. It's not wise to start this process in times when other business activities demand a lot of attention from you.

- To get inspiration for drawing up your requirements and wishes list, it may be useful to take a look at the functionality of a CRM package that you know in advance is far too 'large' for your organization. You may then be introduced to functionalities that you may not have thought of in the first instance, but that are important to you.

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