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CRM in The Cloud

CRM in the cloud is the collective name of all types of customer relationship management systems and solutions that are available online.

Cloud computing

- Thanks to cloud computing you can concentrate even more on your core tasks. You don't have to worry about tasks that don't concern your own professional knowledge, such as management of software and hardware.

- Cloud computing makes relationship management software that was previously only available for large companies, also available for smaller organizations.

- Cloud computing grows to maturity. Fewer and fewer organizations are wary of their company data being 'outside the door'.

- The cloud offers extra accessibility to CRM systems through smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. Mobile use has become easy as well as integration with social media.

- Thanks to the cloud, users always have the most current versions of CRM software.

- It's no longer necessary to invest in expensive software in one go. The CRM software is available on a subscription basis instead.

- More and more CRM providers now offer their software in the cloud.

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