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After the selection of the CRM system, everything is focused on getting the software to work properly. This process is referred to as the implementation. Proper preparation for all work required for this is essential to prevent problems in the use phase. Because a good system implementation requires a lot of knowledge of the technical and functional properties of the software, help from the software supplier or a specialized implementation partner is almost always needed. For an optimal connection of the customer relationship management system to your commercial business processes, support from external consultants may be needed.

Consequences for your organization

The implementation of a new CRM system has consequences for your organization and the duties and responsibilities of employees. It's therefore of great importance to make a good inventory in advance of what is changing in your organization or business process and to inform all stakeholders about it. This may require meetings or training. Here, future users quickly learn the features of the new system. The software supplier usually provides product-oriented training and you're responsible for communication about the topics related to your business process.

CRM system manual

Working with a new customer relationship management system always raises questions. A good source of information, with which the answers to practical user questions can be found, is therefore necessary. Usually the software itself offers a good help function, which explains the possibilities of the system. You'll not find answers to questions that are specifically about how your organization uses the system. It's therefore necessary to make an instruction book or 'manual CRM system' that's completely focused on your application. Start on time, so that the manual is ready before the new system is installed and its users come up with their first questions.

Plan of introduction

In an implementation plan you describe all steps in the transition from your current customer relationship management system to the new situation. Task, time, place and executors are described herein. First determine which steps the CRM implementation consists of and indicate a necessary sequence. Often work can only start when others are ready. Take the space in your schedule to be able to cope with disruptions and setbacks.

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