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CRM Implementation Installation

Prior to this phase, exactly what the operation of the customer relationship management system should be like. The installation is the final phase of the CRM implementation. In this phase you make the software operational, you can test the system in real circumstances and you make the latest improvements before you go 'live'. With online software solutions (in the cloud) the software isn't installed on your own hardware, but you use the CRM software that's accessible to you through the internet from the cloud provider. Installation doesn't play a role in online CRM systems .

CRM system installation

The computers, servers and other required hardware on which the new customer relationship management system will run are provided with the right software in this phase. Databases are installed and laptops, desktops, tablets and telephones (where necessary) are made ready for use. Perhaps the new system still needs to be linked to databases of other systems. Maybe you first need a conversion from your 'old' data to 'new'. If the data is available, the software is installed and the configuration is ready, then it's time to test the software.

Use new CRM system

Moving rigorously from one day to the next on a new customer relationship management system isn't wise. It's better if your new solution first runs shadow on the old one. Errors can then be traced and corrected, without affecting your business process. Only when you have concluded after a thorough testing phase that everything is working properly, will you fully switch to using the new package.


With the implementation of the CRM system, the implementation isn't yet over. It's precisely then that it's important to keep eyes and ears open for the experiences of users. Scheduled evaluation moments offer every user the opportunity to express their positive and negative experiences. You immediately make the necessary adjustments to the implemented system. Quickly anticipating user experiences offers you the greatest guarantee that the enthusiasm for the new software will be retained.


Shortly after the implementation of a new CRM system, the impression often arises that it was actually not so bad in the past. Disruptions, unanswered questions and faltering functionality quickly dampen enthusiasm. The renewal doesn't seem like an improvement. Prepare for these responses and avoid disappointment by telling users in advance that software implementation doesn't end with deployment.

Consistent use of CRM system

The CRM system is only optimally functional if it's used consistently. A lack of control of compliance with agreed procedures increases the risk that employees pick up their old and own methods. The consequence of this is that more and more information is incorrect or incomplete. Everyone must therefore be convinced of their optimal use. Management has an exemplary role in this.

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