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CRM Implementation Configuration

With the configuration you define the operation and application of the new customer relationship management system and you set up the system. In this phase of the CRM implementation, the data model, operating procedures and the connection with other systems play a role.

Data model

Because there is a lot of data storage, a good data model is important. With the data model you determine how information is stored in the new relationship management system. You determine which information fields will be used later and how the information flows are. You determine the properties of the information per information field. This translates into the final structure and content of the database that ensures the storage of the data.

Operating procedures

Most data only have value in combination with other data. In procedures, determine the order in which data must be entered in the CRM system, which information fields can't be entered without entering other information fields, and so on. Example: entering initials in combination with the surname is mandatory. With good procedures you prevent proliferation of useless data and you increase the chance of useful information.

Link with other systems

If you later integrate information from other files with the new CRM system, then it's necessary to make a good analysis of the information that's supplemented or exchanged by both software solutions. Also determine how information from other systems should be displayed in the new software solution.

CRM system operation

In the configuration phase it's still relatively easy to make changes to the operation of the new CRM system. Check continuously whether the functionality optimally meets all requirements and wishes. Check and double check. Ask users for interim assessments and offers room for critical comments. Adjustments are more difficult to implement after the software has been implemented.

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