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Hospitality, a concept that is constantly changing. A concept that is given more meaning and significance every year. End user requirements and expectations are increasing. Facility professionals therefore wish to gain more control over hospitality. Which buttons can you turn to ensure that guests, visitors and employees experience a positive total experience and get the best out of themselves. Standing still is a decline and innovation and renewal in hospitality are indispensable.

Hospitality & strategy

Hospitality must flow through the veins of your organization. How do you deal with this strategically as an organization?

Not only the hostess must be hospitable

How someone experiences a location is not only determined by the physical environment or the person behind the reception. Hospitality lies precisely in an organization-wide implementation. From director and managers to secretary and cleaning lady. Guests rate facilities as a whole. Then it makes sense to integrate different disciplines such as reception, sanitary supplies, handyman services and specialist maintenance. By basing your hospitality concept on internal standards such as core values, vision and strategy, you ensure that its unambiguous propagation becomes self-evident throughout the organization.

Freedom of action for your employees

Hospitality as a strategic choice also provides extra feeling and connection with your employees. Especially when you offer them the freedom to be creative in finding solutions for daily 'issues'. The possibility for employees to approach a situation themselves without making a detour, ensures continuity. Is something not going well? A quick action by an employee gives the guest or customer confidence. Working together, but with the freedom to give substance to spontaneous events.

Compensate proactively

When you notice that something is not going well, take immediate action. Do not wait for a complaint, but adopt a proactive attitude, for example by offering compensation.

Hospitality & people

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our world. This also has its advantages when it comes to facility services. The possibilities of technology are endless and its use is an interesting addition to a hospitality strategy. But real human contact remains indispensable.

Quality control

From the daily follow-up round to service work and ad hoc requests. Every day offers new challenges and learning moments. A human point of contact is therefore indispensable for guests, customers or patients. Someone who watches over the facility experience within your organization. This frequent interaction ensures that it's possible to respond quickly and adequately to current questions, with a positive effect on the experience as a result.

Atmosphere is not as static as a robot.

When do you feel at home at a location? Appearance and interior often play an important role. But when the people are not hospitable, this weakens the positive aspects of the physical environment. A correct balance between the environment and the service of employees is therefore crucial for the total experience. It's about small, but personal gestures that the host or hostess makes to complete the feeling.

Dealing with complaints and calamities

Proper handling of complaints - and dealing with calamities - increases the chance that a guest will return. Despite the fact that employees must also be given freedom of action, a permanent and personal point of contact remains important for managing the customer experience.

Hospitality & details

When people think of a hospitable reception, people often think of a restaurant or café, but a business environment can also excel in the field of hospitality with the right focus. You don't always have to think big to do it right. Small details often make a big difference.

Always someone present for the reception

A friendly greeting is important, but people also like to be offered a cup of coffee or tea. As an office location, if you regularly receive visitors, invest in personal attention and service to put them at ease.

Facilities upon arrival

Having your physical environment in order is something you have control over. Make it as pleasant as possible for your guests, for example with reserved parking spaces and a clean reception area. Have you ever thought about enough seats? Our same survey shows that more than half of Dutch people find it important to be able to sit while waiting at the office.

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