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Applying for a job is not difficult, but it's important to bear in mind a number of guidelines when applying. An important guideline is that the attention that is paid to the application must be focused on a specific position at a specific company. One must therefore ensure that one doesn't use the same letter of application or motivation for several application procedures. The reuse of cover letters seems efficient but practice shows that companies are not waiting for general cover letters that can be written for every company.

People are unique and companies too

Every company has a unique profile. This profile consists of a number of elements such as the corporate identity, corporate culture, products, services, size, reputation and location. However, there are many more features that make a company unique. A company is usually proud of its unique mix of elements. That is why companies want applicants to notice and identify these unique characteristics. A cover letter is very suitable for this, also in a motivation letter that is written with a CV it's wise to name unique characteristics of the company where you are applying.

Customized covern letters

A good cover letter makes it clear to the reader why the applicant has chosen that particular company and not another company. In addition, the applicant or writer of the letter of application must constantly make the link between the characteristics of the company and the characteristics of the applicant himself. It's important that logical connections can be made between these. These relationships can be made between someone's education or work experience or hobbies and leisure activities.

The character traits and competencies can also have a lot in common with the company and the qualities mentioned in the vacancy that an interesting applicant must have. The more logical connections the better. Because every person is unique and every company is unique, custom application letters are created by this method.

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