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Do you want to offer an employee a higher position but do you have doubts about his suitability? There are 2 options for temporarily giving your employee a higher position. Is he / she functioning satisfactorily - after a trial period? Then he / she keeps his / her higher position. If not, the employee will automatically return to his / her old position.

Please note: the following information based on the related labor law of my country, please return to your country law to ensure accurate details. The objective here is only to give some guide by ideas.

1. Fixed-term employment contract

You want to offer an employee a higher position. If this employee has been employed for less than 2 years and has had fewer than 3 contracts in a row, you can give the employee a fixed-term contract. This is the easiest way to find out whether the employee is suitable for the higher position. Because are you not satisfied? Then the contract will automatically expire and you don't have to renew it. Do not forget the notification for contracts from 6 months!

2. Attachment in employment contract: temporary promotion

If your employee has now been employed for an indefinite period, you can include a special appendix in the employment contract. This states that the employee temporarily holds a higher position - for example for six months. After six months, the employee will return to his old position, unless you're satisfied with his performance. An advantage of this construction is that the employee automatically gets back his old, lower position. A disadvantage is that this construction gives little confidence to an employee.

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