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The Structure of a Quality Job Description, What to Include?

A good job description usually contains the following components:

Job title name

With a new vacancy it's wise to immediately think of a good job title name. You also use it in the personnel advertisement. Therefore, ensure that the job title is striking enough and that applicants can identify with it. The vacancy must also be findable by people who use a search engine or job site.

Corporate culture

For a good match it's important that someone fits the culture of your company. Therefore describe the prevailing corporate culture. What are the core values in your company? How does the collaboration between colleagues work? And with what terms can you describe the working atmosphere?


Describe the position in the company. Which department is involved? How big is the team? With which people within the company is there a lot of contact? Who is the manager? If necessary, include an organization chart that answers these questions.

Tasks and responsibilities

Provide a clear overview of the duties and responsibilities associated with the position. What are the most important activities? How much time do they take? And what results should they deliver for a good assessment? Describe this in such a way that no misunderstandings can arise about this later. For example, create KPIs per function.


The competencies fall into knowledge, skills and characteristics. What knowledge is required? Is a certain education or work and thinking level necessary? Are specific skills essential, such as the ability to solve problems? Are properties such as result orientation required?

Terms of employment

Many applicants are interested in the employment conditions of a position. Always pay attention to this. Which primary and secondary employment conditions can you offer? Which salary scale is involved? Does a pension scheme apply to you? Is there a thirteenth month ?

Contract duration

The contract duration is also a part that you shouldn't miss. Is there a chance of a contract for an indefinite period if it functions well? Or is it about replacing a colleague who is on maternity leave?

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