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Common Rights and Obligations of Employers

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What are the common rights and obiligations for an employer? find the answer here.

The employer has the right to:

- Employ the worker.
- Direct the work and give the corresponding instructions and directives.
- Rescind the contract within the limitations established by law.

The employer has the obligation to:

- Comply with current legislation and agreements in force.
- Treat the worker equally, regardless of origin, beliefs, gender, age or political affiliation.
- Ensure the safety and occupational health of the worker.
- Provide the worker with written information about the fundamental conditions of work.
- Promote a good working atmosphere and the achievement of the tasks of the worker, as well as his professional development.

Collective agreement

The employer must comply with the provisions of the collective agreement. You may not, for example, pay a salary less than what is stipulated therein.

Salary Income Record

The Salary Income Registry is a data bank where employers communicate the wages they have paid to their workers. The communication must occur at the latest within five days from the date of payment of the salary. The data must be sent to the Salary Income Registry electronically:

- directly through the salary system, if you have integrated a technical connection with the Registry, or
- through the Registry processing service, which can be accessed with the online banking access data or with other means of electronic identification.

Accident coverage

The employer must have, for the coverage of its workers, accident insurance (tapaturmavakuutus). It should always be contracted at the beginning of the employment relationship. The worker may receive the corresponding coverage in case of an accident. This coverage may consist of an economic benefit to compensate for health expenses and loss of income, an accident pension, a disability benefit caused by an accident, a rehabilitation or (in case of death) a family pension for The people around him. In addition to legally required mandatory insurance, the employer may extend the worker's coverage through special voluntary insurance.

It's advisable to ask the employer about the coverage available to their workers.

Work certificate

When the worker's employment relationship ends, he is entitled to receive a written certificate from his employer. You will find more information on the InfoFinland portal, in the Labor Certificate section .

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