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Chronological vs Functional Models

There are several types of resumes, the most standard and common are the chronological resume and the functional resume. You have to choose the one that best suits your circumstances and your specific needs, and in some cases you may think to a combination model!. Let's start with each scenario:

Chronological resume

It shows your work history, listing first the most recent position (or current position) that you have occupied. Employers often prefer this type of resume because at a glance they can see the charges you have occupied and for how long.

These types of resumes are recommended for those who have a strong and solid professional career.

Functional resume

It focuses on your skills and your experience, rather than the positions you have been occupying over time.

This type of resume is good for those people who are looking for changes in their professional life or who have been inactive for long periods of time.

Combined or mixed resume

Here your competencies and your experience first appear. Your work history goes later. With this resume you can highlight the skills you have in relation to the job in question and, at the same time, provide the chronological data that recruiters usually prefer.

We can also talk about other types of resume vitae, such as the resume with profile, the resume focused on the objective, the mini resume and the non-traditional resume.

The resume with profile includes a section with a summary of your competencies, experiences and objectives related to the specific employment to which you apply.

The objective-focused resume is specifically designed to highlight the qualities that make you ideal for the specific job you're aspiring to. It takes much more work than having a standard resume that you send to all companies, because here it's about designing a different one for each job offer, but it's really worth it, specially when your skills match perfectly with what the company is looking for. .

The mini resume is basically a brief summary of the qualifications you have. It can be very useful to spread it among your networks of contacts or in case some possible employer asks you to take a look at your achievements.

The non-traditional resume is a web version of the traditional resume, which uses the resources provided by new technologies: graphics, photographs, links, videos ... It's an innovative and impressive way to present your skills.

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