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A good application letter:

1. is about you and your ambition and motivation, but also about how you fit in with the company where you're applying. Imagine yourself in the company and consider what kind of person they are actually looking for. Letters that meet this need have a much greater chance of success. The members of the application committee will feel addressed by reading your letter. That's exactly what makes them read on.

2. is classified according to the AIDA sales formula. This abbreviation stands for Attracting attention , Arousing interest , Generating Desire and inciting Action .

3. contains relevant factual information that demonstrates your motivation for the job. Name experiences that are relevant to the job, and discuss them based on facts and results. The STAR method is a good method for this. You enter other details in your CV .

4. is fresh in tone and not too formal. A creative opening sentence attracts the reader's attention and you need that exactly. But again, don't be too creative, specially if you're applying at a formal organization, or if you're not that creative at all. The tone and style must suit you and the company. Use short sentences and don't be too complicated. The reader is only human.

5. starts with a salutation in which the name of the addressee is mentioned. If you don't know this, do so by telephone or e-mail.

6. contains no typing and language errors. Pay particular attention to d's and t's, and whether you should write words to each other . Have your letter read for errors like this.

7. contains at the bottom a statement of the attachments that you send.

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