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A good job description is the pillar of business organization and human resources management, it has several characteristics and advantages.

Characteristics of an Effective Job Description

  • Formalize the missions and skills required when creating a position.
  • Organize the structure of the company through detailed knowledge of each position: in particular during a work organization or process optimization project with a redefinition of the content of certain positions.
  • Perform an organizational benchmark with successful companies.
  • Build a benchmark of target skills: this benchmark is an entry in the training plan to decide on the skills to be developed through training actions and more broadly within the framework of a forward-looking management of jobs and skills approach .
  • Define the profile of candidates for a recruitment process: when a position is vacant, it is thus possible to quickly draw up a composite portrait of the ideal candidate in order to recruit him externally or internally.
  • Manage careers and professional paths.
  • Manage the remuneration policy according to the characteristics of each position and in accordance with the HR policy.
  • Serve as a discussion support during a professional interview.
  • On the employee side, it allows everyone to integrate the content of their position as well as the meaning given to their missions. An important point contributing to the quality of life at work.
  • This document also specifies its areas of responsibility and its degree of autonomy.

How to Make it Good?

To make a agood job description document, it is important to pay attention to both content and form. Especially:

  • Use action verbs for the description of skills, activities and tasks.
  • Remain objective by confining oneself to the information collected during the analysis.
  • Find the right balance between completeness and simplicity.
  • Its content should include the following:
    • Job title: identification of the job in question.
    • Function sheet or corresponding job (if applicable).
    • Positioning in the organization and managerial responsibilities: department to which the position is attached and its hierarchical position (head of department, etc.) in the structure (hierarchical superior and positions for which he is responsible). Learn more about the organization chart.
    • Main missions: they describe the purpose of the position, its raison d'être.
    • Activities and tasks: what is done concretely and in detail by the incumbent to carry out the missions - "What?" and how ?" (possibly “When?” and “Where?” if the information is of interest). Some sheets assess the percentage of time devoted to each activity (be careful, however, to remain operational and not enrich the sheet with information that will not be used!). It is common to order the activities and tasks in order of importance so as to bring out the most significant.
    • Means and prerogatives: they represent the room for maneuver and the autonomy of the holder - for example, for a salesperson, the prerogatives in the field of commercial conditions.
    • Internal and external relations : links with other departments - and with external stakeholders.
    • Working conditions and place: particularities linked to the position (environment, restrictive working time, mobility ...) and places (agency, store, factory ...).


Created on 18/12/2019 Update 05/01/2020
Job Description
Job title Software product manager
Corresponding function sheet Product manager
Positioning in the organization Under the responsibility of the software marketing manager / supervises a product assistant
Main missions - Develop and launch new products and services for very small businesses
- Ensure the profitability of the existing ranges
- Design and coordinate marketing action plans
- Manage product information in information systems
- Support the sales force as a technical expert
Activities and tasks - Carry out market research directly or through external companies
- Carry out a permanent competitive and technological watch using the "in house" software
- Carry out sales forecasts by analyzing past sales and making projections for the coming year
- Supervise the IT creation of new references
Means and prerogatives - Marketing budget
- Prerogative in terms of price setting: minimum margin of 15%
Internal and external relations In-house with the services:
  • commercial
  • R&D
  • logistics
  • Professional Affiliations
  • consulting companies
Conditions and place of work - Posted at head office
- One-off trips to clients
Job Profile
Required Skills Technical marketing skills:
  • Design a marketing plan
  • Pilot actions
  • Analyze sales
IT technical skills:
  • Know the programming languages ​​C ++ and Python
Behavioral skills:
  • Develop excellent relationships with other departments
  • To be reactive
Transversal skills :
  • Mastering english
  • Know how to lead a meeting
Experience First experience of at least 2 years in a similar position
Training and qualifications Double degree in Engineering / Business School
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