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Every organization sooner or later reaches the point where it's time to do things differently. The way of managing a certain department no longer works, it's time for a new production system or better versions of the current CRM software have come on the market. Those moments trigger the start-up of quality programs or a cultural change. Controlling and successfully implementing changes requires a special approach. Why? Individuals and organizations are generally not focused on changing. So changes require good management: change management.

The ability to change

Many people see 'change' as a container concept and that makes a substantive definition difficult. 'Change' is related to concepts and concepts such as 'organization development', 'learning' and 'implementation'. These associations are all correct. Change is all about taking a new course. Every organization has to deal with its own learning curve. Falling back, adjusting and starting over, it's all part of it. Many complex factors play a role, both at the individual level and at the team and organization level. Every organization has the capacity to change, but many attempts to change successfully still fail.

Continuous improvement

The solution? " Change is the only constant. " This isn't a killer, but a vision that's increasingly gaining ground. Organizing and managing is also 'changing' time and time again. More and more organizations strive for continuous improvement, read continuous change. In the ideal situation, it's a normal part of business operations. Change management is an integral process with no longer just attention for the technical aspects and the organizational structure. No, the 'soft side' of change is becoming increasingly important. The employees largely determine the success of a change. Because, the greater the support for initiatives, the better the implementation of the change will be.

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