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Celebrate Successes and Mistakes With Your Team

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Entrepreneurs don't celebrate their successes. Not alone and certainly not together with their employees. Unfortunately. Because precisely by focusing on what is going well and can be improved, you develop yourself and your company, says Expert Mariken van de Loo.

Do you celebrate your successes? Or do you always wave them away with 'oh well, it's my job', or 'it's not that special either.' It's in our Calvinistic blood that we don't blow high from the tower when we have achieved something. And that not only applies to success, we also minimize milestones and even errors. Our culture doesn't allow you to give yourself success as it does in America. We still think success is a dirty word. Time to change that. Call your employees into the canteen and celebrate the success that you have recently achieved.

Be proud of your performance

I think we should be more proud of the things we do. The same applies to the talents you have. Here in my country we adhere to an unwritten rule that if you put your head above ground level, it's best to cut it off. Why? Isn't it nice that someone excels at something? We appreciate it among athletes, but as soon as it's about business success or being able to do something well, all of a sudden we all have to meet a certain standard.

Anchor and celebrate

Why is celebrating success important? First of all, you consider what is going on. Whether it's an anniversary, a customer who has been brought in, or a border that you have crossed. By realizing that you have reached a milestone and thereby grow in your personal development, you can give these kinds of moments a place. This is also called anchoring. They don't follow the flow of daily events.

Just considering the success is not enough to anchor it, celebrating is also an important part. By being proud of what you have achieved, you create other substances in your blood. These substances ensure that your energy level rises. You get a good feeling from it. This feeling is nice and you want to repeat. And so you challenge yourself faster to experience that feeling again than when you let the fact pass by.

American tradition

Americans have a tradition to really celebrate everything. In an organization you quickly become the employee of the day, week, month or year. For us that sounds terribly exaggerated, but it does have a huge stimulating effect on the person and on everyone else. They also want to be put in the spotlight and be seen for their qualities and contributions.

Focus on what goes well

We really don't need American conditions because it's fromthe US only!, I think that's a bit over the top. But we can be inspired by it. We, myself included, focus too much on the mistakes we have made and that there is always room for improvement. But will that make us perform better? No, far from it. By focusing on what you can't do, you actually get worse.

By focusing on what goes well and can do even better, you develop precisely. And of course you still make a mistake now and then. You then learn from those mistakes. Provided you pay attention to it. So that too is a good reason to call all employees to the canteen. To tell how it's not done anymore. And to celebrate that mistakes are made and discussed fairly.

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