Cashier Job Description


Who is a "cashier" employee?

A cashier (extrated from cash) is behind the counter at a supermarket or another store. Some cashiers only carry out cash register work, others have broader store tasks and are also, for example, a box filler. Many shops have a head coach who manages team of cashiers.

Job description of cashier

Cashiers are in the first instance responsible for paying for groceries at the cash register. They scan the barcodes of products and offer the customer the opportunity to pay in cash or electronically. In addition, they must always show friendliness and have a service-oriented attitude. They answer questions from customers and contact a store employee if there are problems with, for example, the bar code or the price of a product.

Finally, cashiers must ensure that the waiting time doesn't rise too long and that additional cash registers are opened when there is a busy schedule.

Where cashiers work?

Cashiers work in supermarkets and other stores, such as DIY stores, drug stores, multimedia chains and large furniture stores. They are dealing with, for example, refueling employees, team leaders and branch managers .

How to become a cashier?

You don't need specific training to be able to work as a cashier. Usually a training period is sufficient by an experienced colleague. Possibly you can continue to grow in the retail trade through internal training or a traineeship, for example as head coach, customer service representative, team leader or branch manager.

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