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Career switch may be necessary if, over time, it appears that you have made the wrong career choice and would actually rather do something else. Time to take a different professional path.

It's not easy to make the right choice and find the ideal job that really suits you. In addition, your talents, preferences and work values ​​sometimes change over time and your current job is no longer what you're looking for. A career switch can then be the solution.

Think carefully before you switch!

If you're no longer satisfied with your current job and are considering a career switch, it is important to do this carefully. Finally, you don't want to need another career switch to find your ideal job. So make sure you know who you are, what you want and what you find important in a job.

Test yourself

Before taking a career switch, do a career choice test to find out which job suits you. A personality test can also help you gain more insight into the best choice for your career. Do what you think is important in a job, a work value test can help. And your interests are also important when choosing a new job. With an interest test you can clearly identify your interests for yourself.

You can also do a full scan of your career yourself. You buy a complete package in one go, including a PDF workbook, with which you can visualize your career. Read everything about the Career Scan .

Career advice at a career switch

If you're unable to solve it yourself and need help with your career switch , suitable career advice can help. Such advice looks at exactly what you really want, what you're good at and what your position is on the labor market. Good career advice can ensure that your career switch becomes successful. In the guidance section , for example, you can find a suitable career advisor in your area.

The personal SWOT analysis is also a good test to do at a career switch and when you orientate yourself in the job market.

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