Career Paths


The Four Overall Career Paths:

1- Expert career

Expert career represents the most historically dominated perspective on a stable career as a lifelong commitment to a profession that you typically identify with (eg as an engineer, dentist, lawyer, etc.). Moving up the hierarchy means less in relation to the experience of success. What is important is to master skills, knowledge and tasks. Success is meant to continually improve within his profession.

2- Linear Career

In the linear career, the focus on movement upwards is the traditional "career ladder" in the organization's hierarchy. It's important to create results as well as to have formal powers and power. Promotions are considered desirable. Success means achieving higher levels of increased responsibility, authority and leadership.

3- Expanding Career

The expanding career is a career where you "discover" their way through periodic and related changes (5-10 years) in working life. Each new career choice builds on past choices to develop new skills in a side-by-side movement. The changes in career typically involve both the development of new skills and new ways of using previous experiences. Success means finding new areas where existing knowledge can be used and "expanded". Career is considered a personal development journey.

4- Episodic Career

The episodic career is the most change-oriented and least-conventional career of all. This to such an extent that many don't even consider it a career (from the traditional perspective of careers). The changes in career here are varied and unrelated and draw a mobile and adaptable pattern (2-4 years). In the change, the energy lies - and in this "consistent pattern of inconsistency" the independence and variation are equal to success. Career is a free and personal journey.

Depending on which career preference one has, one is motivated by different work areas, reward forms and business strategies. You may well have more than one career preference. An insight into one's own motivation can be a great help in choosing a career based on personal preferences and competencies.

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