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Career Counseling Services

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Career counseling is professional help to uncover individual opportunities and to make the right decisions based on this. Changing jobs is a big decision, and it's often difficult to separate opportunities, skills and the motivation for a specific area or job.

What a Career Counseling Services Provider Gives?

- You will be given assistance in defining your personal and professional skills - including undiscovered resources and potentials
- You get a picture of "who am I", your skills and values. Do you act on what's important and matter to you?
- Uncover your personal successes
- Reflecting on current career paths and devising a strategy for your future career and working life
- Build your Linkedin profile so you can be found by headhunters, recruiting and HR people
- What types of companies, jobs and working life will suit your needs and desires
- Targeting your personal resume, application assistance and structure for your job search
- Preparing for job interview (s); including conversation training, uncomfortable questions, and evaluation of appearance
- You receive counseling, coaching and mentoring for clarification, innovation and development

Mandatory start-up meeting

Career counseling always starts with a free and no obligation clarifying conversation to uncover your expectations and desires for a course. You can then select parts of the aforementioned options on / off as you wish, giving you the opportunity for the very personal cocktail that matches exactly you and your needs.

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