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The meaning of C2C (Consumer to consumer) refers to an Internet business model that aims to commercially link the end user with another end consumer. It's used mainly in the field of e-commerce to carry out transactions.

What is the Consumer to Consumer?

A broader definition of C2C would include the marketing of services and products between individuals.

This model has grown a lot in recent years as a result of marketplace platforms. This causes third parties to intervene with the aim of facilitating security and reliability in people who develop through the Internet. Some examples of C2C could be Amazon or eBay, where the user has a space already created where they have the possibility of marketing new or second-hand products to other users.

C2C also encompasses private transactions between consumers that can take place through an exchange of emails or the use of P2P (Peer to Peer) technologies.

C2C in marketing is used to define those strategies that use the customer as a defender of a brand based on the added value that is provided to a product. In this way, the consumer will defend and protect the brand from other clients, thus carrying out a marketing effort towards potential users. An example of C2C in this sense is the one developed by the Apple brand, where customers are very identified with the company and are in charge of promoting the idea of ​​exclusivity and the value of the company among other consumers.

Among the advantages of the C2C for the buyer are the ease of searching and buying instantly, low transaction costs or accessing any product from home without effort. For their part, the advantages of sellers are the possibility of direct negotiation with potential customers, auctions and sell items that generally would not be easily marketed.

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