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The meaning of C2B - Consumer to Business - in the field of marketing refers to a business model in which citizens or consumers are the ones who create a value that companies will later consume. The client himself sets the conditions of the transaction.

The consumer to business system evolved at a rapid pace as a result of the growth of the most popular media used by the consumer, such as social networks, blogs, websites and videos.

What is Consumer to Business?

A broader definition of C2B would be the e-commerce business system in which users provide services and products to companies, which will be responsible for paying them. An example of C2B can be seen reflected in Internet forums or blog, in which the author provides a link to an online business that allows the purchase of an article or a disc on a platform such as Amazon, through which the author you could earn affiliate income in the event of a sale.

Sometimes customers themselves create value for companies. Every time a consumer values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir shopping experience or provides criticism about a service or product, they are generating value that the firm itself can take advantage of. Of course, it will be necessary to make adequate use of feedback with the client.

It may sometimes be confused with other similar business systems such as crowdsourcing, but C2B doesn't deliver a job or idea in an organized and premeditated way. Customers also don't come together in large groups to do certain tasks as is the case with crowdsourcing, but rather provide value individually and with the sole purpose of improving the business-consumer relationship.

The C2B model is also known as a reverse auction or demand collection model.

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