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Companies are increasingly aware in the 21st century that all business processes are interconnected. So they also want to be evaluated and optimized from this general level. The quality of the product or service provided by the company depends on the efficiency with which it manages its internal processes. To do this, all threads must be well connected. Business process management or Business Process Management " BPM " provides a framework for continuous review of business processes.

What exactly is business process management?

Business process management " BPM " is used to map, evaluate and optimize all structures, processes and workflows within a company. Through a BPM approach, business processes are also analyzed, visualized and, occasionally, recorded from a global level. Therefore, business process management is very holistic, but the details of specific business processes aren't lost sight of. In this way, companies obtain very good plans of the processes, relying, for example, on the orientation of automation software or to optimally reform a specific department.

Despite the importance that the BPM is acquiring, there aren't many suppliers that are developing support software for this management. However, not all companies need a platform to map existing business processes and ideals. Some companies have enough management software workflow " workflow management ", or even to map and assess the processes manually. Others prefer to opt for a case management approach. With the latter, depending on specific situations " from the bottom up ", overlapping and general models for business processes are developed.

What can an organization expect and what not from BPM?

Business process management is an abstract term. Everyone, both suppliers and companies, understands BPM differently. For this reason, the reasons for carrying out business process management are varied, and the possibilities of BPM will depend on the provider.

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